Welcome to the Avatar’s Abode Trust Digital Archives. This site includes items which have been digitised from the Trust's collections of paper documents. These documents come primarily from the collection of His close disciple and mandali member Francis Brabazon.

The collection includes letters, telegrams, manuscripts that Francis was preparing for publication, poems, plays and songs. There are also other types of documents including lists, notes and diaries.

Much of the original material in Francis’ collection was handwritten and he used his own unique abbreviation style. To make these documents easier for the reader to understand we have transcribed some of them into a searchable pdf format.

Other documents collections from some of the early Australian Baba lovers have been donated to the archives and will be made available on this site.

When you open a document if it has been transcribed you will see two thumbnails below the open document. The thumbnail of the transcript will appear to the right of the thumbnail of the document. As digitised documents and transcripts become available, they will be added to this site.

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